CotoMOS® MOSFET Relays are a reliable, economical and readily available switching solution by Coto Technology. Using highly-reliable, custom designed, MOSFET technology, CotoMOS® provides high-performance for applications requiring low input power and virtually unlimited life. Ideally suited to the needs of industrial controls, security, metering, instrumentation and automatic test equipment (ATE), CotoMOS® is available in Form A, Form B, Form A+B (Form C) form factors to service a wide range of switching requirements. The CotoMOS® solid state series is available in various package styles that include a 4-, 6- and 8-pin DIP, in through-hole and surface mount packages. Additionally, 4- and 8-pin SOP surface mount packages are available. Capable of switching from 40V up to 600V, the current switching capability ranges from 30mA to 4.5A.


    • Solid State Technology
    • Reliable and Economical
    • Various Package Styles
    • Through-Hole & Surface Mount
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